The Layout

I spent 20 years in the United States Air Force, building rolling stock, dreaming about retireing and building the "ultimate" layout. All of the rolling stock was detailed and weathered. After I retired, I still did not have the space to build the layout that I really wanted. I started building the buildings that I would need for the layout. I took the time to add details to the buildings to make them look better.

As I approach retirement again, I am planning my "ultimate" layout. I plan on moving north to escape the heat and humidity of Central Florida. The wife is working on the plans for the house that she wants, and I am going to have a building built for the railroad. The layout building will be 40 feet by 50 feet. One end of the building will have the dispatcher/shop area, a restroom, and a crew lounge. This will be an area that is almsot 10 feet by 40 feet. This leaves a layout room that is almost 40 feet by 40 feet. The building will be climate controlled.

I plan on hand laying the track, using Micro Engineering code 83 for the main line, and code 70 for sidings. All main line to main line turnouts will be number eights. Turnouts that go to sidings and in the yard will be number sixes. The minimum main line radius will be 40 inches. Track centers for double track will be two inches. All turnouts will be powered with Tortoise switch machines. All main line to main line turnouts will be controled by the dispacther. The layout will be DCC controlled, using the North Coast Engineering DCC system. The layout will be fully siginaled, using the CSX signal rules. The dispatcher will use a computer based dispatch program to control signals and turnouts.

I have included a link to the building plan: Click Here

I am working on a test track, a "proof of concept" if you will. To see the track plan and other information about it: Click Here

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